sábado, 15 de febrero de 2014

Masha Reva x Syndicate

The second collaboration between young designer Masha Reva and Kiev-based brand Syndicate resulted in these crazy Odessa Series. Masha Reva, originally from Odessa, who now lives and works between London and Kiev, is studying MA in fashion design in the Central Saint Martins. Her take on Ukrainian version of luxury definitely worked out with the idea of multicultural fusion, which is one of the main inspirations for Syndicate. 

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Martijn van Strien!

The Land of Cockaigneis a mythical land of plenty, an imaginary place of extreme luxury from medieval tales. Martijn van Strien, graduate of Design Academy Eindhoven and constant experimentator, sought for inspiration in paintings depicting European kings and nobles of the era from the Dark Ages through to the Age of Enlightenment. Extravagance and splendour of handcrafted materials and exaggerated silhouettes were the starting point for working on his own fabrics. Take a look at "ode to one of histories’ most luxurious fashion eras".

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martes, 31 de diciembre de 2013

Edie Karimova

Edie Karimova is a young fashion designer from Ukraine, who founded her own label 1,5 year ago. She took part in Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days and was on the shortlist of Harper's Bazaar Fashion Forward 2013. Simple, yet interesting silhouettes and beautiful photography by Tasya Kudryk make a great combination of sophistication and tenderness. Austere but feminine looks and minimal approach makes Karimova the emerging designer to watch.

"Collection s/s14 exalts the combination of power and tenderness. Clean cut and lapidary silhouette, traditional and new technologies (handcrafted shoes, 3d modeling of clothes and 3d modeled and printed bracelet) – is underline of this collection."

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lunes, 30 de diciembre de 2013

3D-Printed Pump

Pavla Podsednikova's idea was to become a reality, the Instant Shoe would do away with all of this sizing nonsense. Consider the number of times that you've been caught between models of high heels or loafers, either because they fail to match the length, the width or the general shape of your feet. This concept solves the problem.

What this designer proposed in her thesis is the possibility that consumers could have the exact forms of their tootsies mapped out by footwear manufacturers and have custom sizes made just for them. With this might come the freedom to tweak styles as well, offering men and women completely unique pieces.

Inspired by the technologies of ABS vacuum shaping, 3D printing and carbon fiber lamination, the Instant Shoe is an exciting proposal that would revolutionize the fashion industry.

DIY Jewelry

Necklaces are great statement pieces, and what better way to kick off a conversation than by talking about how your one-of-a-kind necklace is made from milk jugs? If you love arts and crafts, then this jewelry tutorial is sure to occupy you with its clever yet simple technique. The given tutorial demonstrates how you can make a vibrantly unique necklace from simply cutting out a milk jug and using colorful pieces of string to thread through it. 

Featured on the blog 'Pink Stripey Socks,' this DIY activity is a fantastic way to turn a piece of trash into something brand new for your wardrobe.

The PS Magazin 'Shining' Photoshoot

Shot by Attila Udvardi, a photographer based in Budapest, Hungary, the PS Magazin 'Shining' editorial stars Attractive model Rosie. She was captured in studio against a variety of pastel colored backdrops including pink, blue and green. From golden crowns to sequinned masks and even a richly embroidered baseball cap, the accessories featured in the beauty photoshoot are exquisite. The make up was perfected by Agnes Bulor and Niesu Make Up.

Katarzyna Widmanska

The images that make up the photo series Madonnas by Katarzyna Widmanska, a photographer based in Warszawa, Poland, are visually striking. Inspired by the historical and religious artworks revolving around Mother Mary and Baby Jesus, models Nela Ly, Alicja Sułek and Joanna Grabska take on the role of the former for a powerful photoshoot that will speak to people on many different levels.

Although clearly a fashion photoshoot, Madonnas by Katarzyna Widmanska is so beautifully executed that it is sure to resonate with more than just fashionistas. Nevertheless, it showcases the costume designs of Katarzyna Konieczka. Captured in studio against various curtained backdrops, each image is full of emotion and reverence. The looks were perfected with flawless faces by makeup artists Kasia Świebodzińska and Magda Moniczewska and hair by Wojtek Kasprzak.

Nika Danielska

Macabre in style and sharp in design, these fetish fashion designs by Nika Danielska feature skeletal cages that constrict and contort the body for the sake of fashion.

Face masks, neck braces and shoulder spikes make up this daring collection, blurring the lines between pain and couture with their frightening demeanor. The spindly creations can be worn peeking out from underneath a jacket, or on top of a gorgeous gown, both ways making for some eye-popping fashion statements that are sure to be the talk of any gathering. These intricately wrought pieces are lavish enough to be worn instead of other accessories and jewels, but they would also look glamorously Gothic when paired with some sparkly baubles.

The Nike Georgetown We Run D.C.

An exclusive limited edition series of footwear celebrating the women who have trained for the Nike Women Half Marathon in D.C., the collection includes three new kicks: the Nike Free 5.0+, the Nike Roshe Run Woven and the Nike Studio Wrap Pack. The most stunning shoe out of the three is the Wrap Pack design which features a ballerina-like style with ribbons wrapping around your feet up to your ankles. 

Despite what previous judgements you may have had on sneakers used exclusively for exercise, the Nike Georgetown We Run D.C. collection will have you feeling like a beauty queen running to the finish line.