lunes, 12 de marzo de 2012


"A bar top made by pouring. Layers of fast-hardening concrete fluid are poured in 6 metre long runs across an immaculate surface. As the viscous material hardens, enforcements are added to brace the giant slab, the first pours becoming buried under its foundations.

When it is set hard and rigid, the slab is flipped in one choreographed motion revealing the smooth plane of the first poured layers and traces the path of the gesture with which it was made.

The bar top, made in situ, is mounted onto a wooden structure, a temporary pop-up bar with an expressive and spontaneous top. Commissioned by the Corinthia Hotel, London, the bar hosted several parties including the 2011 Bafta Award party and London Fashion Week events."

Words: Glithero
Photography: Petr Krejčí