lunes, 12 de marzo de 2012


Concept: "With the inspiration of the Ancient Egyptian culture about Cosmology and Religious. The relation between the process of mummy erosion and Solar, Lunar & Stellar system of Ancient Egyptian's constellation, Ancient Egyptian constellation observation like sun eclipse, moon eclipse and 'horizon of heaven' are the focuses of this collection. The Designer has combined the ideas to create prints aiming at pushing digital printing into a new boundary with the twist of classic menswear tailoring. Printed Neoprene fabric is widely used on the collection because of its fleshy hand-feel."

Printing philosophy: "This is my first attempt for a printed collection, Aiming to open a new boundary on printing, it is a pains taking process to combine concepts and fresh, innovative print idea. In printing, the concept of Egyptian cosmology and religion were chosen to develop: Three ideas were mixed to create prints for the collection. The relation of Sphinx and sunlight; Chemical reaction of Mummy’s body and relation of Mummy and constellation. In this collection, Digital Printing was widely used as a reason that it provides better result when bright and vivid colors print is required. There has so much limitation for doing silkscreen printing like time, color and fabric ingredient. However, digital printing is comparatively efficient with great visual effect."

Words: Courtesy of Kay Kwok
Photography: Daniel James & Julian Gregory