sábado, 21 de abril de 2012

Dainius Bendikas Fall- Winter 2012!

CONCEPT: A sculpted ever-wondering space philosopher - a mind traveller. A character with a dynamic inner personality. A multidimensional infinity - his mind is wide open, perfectly calm, yet simultaneously levitating.

It is a paradox that everyone is here for the same reason and yet everyone has an individual purpose. Everyone is here to experience life as deeply as possible, and yet your individual purpose is to explore your unique character. Everyone, therefore, has an unique function within the infinite variety of Creation. At least 95 percent of our “material” world is, in fact, immaterial, a sort of “pure energy” with no mass or volume.

When we move through levels of understanding our infinite one-self, suddenly we wake up and realize we chose to be here, right here right now. 

This motley crew of moon monks is composed of a miscellany of characters who share a profound emotional thread that is marked by their continuous evolution. Each look of the collection is connected via a color-range based on the changing surface of the moon during the lunar eclipse of June 26, 2010.

DETAILS: Menswear collection focused on functional high-end items containing complex pattern-making, draped shapes, out of ordinary silhouettes. Constructed and sculpted details as vacuum sealed 3d and crater-like pockets. Movement volume increasing pleats and accessories, natural fabrics and different dyeing techniques. Each item is intricately crafted part of a larger story based on self-developed philosophy of one-self.

MATERIALS: The usage of materials is exclusively natural. Wool, leather, linen, naturally dyed rust cotton, cotton knit.

CONSTRUCTION: One of the main features of this collection is function witch allows to move and think freely. Complex technique combined of pattern-making and draping fulfills the idea of movement allowance function as well as gives it out of ordinary shapes and forms with a sense of self-developed aesthetic.

ACCESSORIES: Vision projector / lens - a bridge between dimensions that projects observers subconscious universe to our dimension. A sculpted head cover -completion of character. Bone-like material sculpted with cotton and apoxie to achieve a moon surface texture and shape that is in consistency with the character.

FOOTWEAR: The collection accompanies a specially designed shoe collection “ MoonWalks”. The designs are influenced by the Moon Monk character as well as the aesthetics and a feature of the concept - function. The last is made in collaboration with “Ortho Baltic” orthopedic footwear company witch exclusively specialises in development & producing high quality custom-made products for foot with focus on individual orthopaedic footwear and pre-preg orthoses . It is sculpted with the inner sole which can be custom-made from material for individual foot by 3d scanning in order to highly increase comfort-ability using CAD/ CAM technology individual orthopaedic insoles.

Words and photos: Courtesy of Dainius Bendikas