viernes, 6 de abril de 2012

Emilia Tikka!

“The main focus in my work generally, is to analyse the human body as an entity, and as the media of the present. In my latest collection External Body, the reality of body has changed into a biotechnological project. The collection External body is inspired by the texts of a french philosopher Jacques Derrida. The main idea of the collection is fading of borders between the organic body and its dress. In the past, our choice of dress was a way to express individuality. Now the body in itself has become a form of expression: a text that can be re-written and re-shaped by technologies and performance. In the 90`s the technological cyborg body of machines and computers inspired fashion. Twenty years later, the cyborg has changed into a biotechnological complex, where technologies appear organic and natural.“

Words and photos: Emilia Tikka  for more info visit
Photos: Zuzanna Kaluzna
Model: Marcella Thurau