viernes, 13 de abril de 2012


The composition of styles and colours, not least, materials and qualities, both old and new. Or, in quite different words, 'a visual tension'. This is probably the best way to describe the designs of Gaia Brandt, the Danish designer behind the brand GAIA. 

Within these visual fields, Gaia Brandt creates some unique combinations, which leave the viewer with an enigmatic and poetic picture of the world we live in. Here is the feminine expression mixed with an androgynous aesthetic, that only Gaia can manage with such a sublime outcome. Soft shapes and exquisite qualities, add to the especially tricky details like her very distinctive knitted trompe l'oeil effect. The effect has become without doubt the designer's signature. 

For the Autumn/ Winter 2012 collection, Gaia finds visual inspiration from the Russian Constructivism, put together with references to skiing outfits from the 1930s-40s. Russian Constructivism (1913-1940s) was an artistic movement created by the Russian avant-garde, committed to completing abstraction with a devotion to modernity. Themes are often geometric, experimental, directed towards continually seeking the ‘truth to materials’.

The Russian avant-garde artist Varvara Stepanova, who was married to fellow artist Alexander Rodchenko, is especially prevalent as an inspiration for Gaia’s latest collection. Stepanova designed a collection of sports uniforms, with combinations of various geometric lines and figures. The garments were enhanced by circles, zigzags, broken lines, lattices, flywheels, and segments of a circle.