martes, 22 de mayo de 2012


The collection “HIGH CLASS ROBBERY” plays with volume and transparency. Like the impostor stages and sizes illusion, originate pieces that are large, but through transparency appear delicate. The cuts of the dresses, blouses and coats appear like the fragile skeletons of geometric structures. The collection is based on high-quality white cottons, light silk-cotton weave as well as air-treated cotton batiste and receives its colour through red, blue and green silk organza. Partly generously covered or combined with a single silhouette. In the typical colours of howitzweissbach, clear edged forms are laid over the body. The transparency of the coloured silk organzas allows the base to shimmer through, at times showing and playing with the space between the body and its covering. The large volume is never heavy, instead appears featherlight, and is pulled throughout the collection. The primarily white geometric-cut and draped tops are combined with small pencil skirts and organza-covered trousers. Dresses in a lavish A-silhouette, with wide shoulders and skewed hemline play with the allure of the body beneath, they show and cover the body at the same time. Here is a physicalness displayed that is never vulgar, but appears fresh and nobel.

Words: Courtesy of howitzweissbach
Photos: Thomas Dachs