sábado, 5 de mayo de 2012


Jan Saudek is the most reknown Czeck photographer in the world. His life is much like his work, tumultuous and free spirited. During WW2, because his father was a Jew, his family was  persecuted by Germans. Many of died in concentration camps. Jan and his twin brother Karel were held in a children’s concentration camp located near the present Polish-Czech border. His work echoes the fact thathe had a very limited childhood, with a repetitive cycle of photographing the same compositions,  narratives and characters,  a desire to create a child to adult world is suggested. The insistence of religious and erotic material places Saudek as an initiator of the censorship conversation, he uses the infamous “wall” in many of his images as a metaphor for these subject matters. This behaviour led to a huge backlash from the west in the 1990’s crucifying him for his erotic nature.  Widely popular, he has had over 400 one-man shows, his photographs are included in the worlds most famous collections.
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