domingo, 3 de junio de 2012

Neo Dia!

F/W 2012 Stoic Stratum by Neo Dia

The inspiration for the Winter 2012 collection originated with the vision of a stronger, more powerful woman, intertwined with the desire to explore the textures of boucle wool and angora knits in juxtaposition with the sleek surface of patent leather.

The synergy of these ideas, produced tall tubular cuts and silhouettes, constructed in gritty textures reminiscent of astro turf and asphalt, and rubber armour designed not only to protect, but also reveal a womanly fragility and poise.

Stoic Stratum represents a departure from the sharp, clean, and refined geometrics featured in previous collections. However, once one looks past the tough, textured exterior, it becomes evident that the true aesthetic of Neo Dia remains a prominent feature of their design: architecturally-inspired shapes combined with fresh and modern tailoring that makes women feel luxurious and confident.

Words: Courtesy of Neo Dia