domingo, 12 de agosto de 2012

Yvonne Laufer

"I am fascinated by the world of science. It is a world that I know little about and that is surrounded by a mysterious aura. During this project I wanted to be part of this universe and adopted the role of a scientist. I created my own rules, methods and frameworks that resemble those of regular scientists.

From my fascination of plants in combination with man made objects, I conducted experiments where both components interact: Plants are growing in and outside a confined space. While experimenting, I came across the concept of VOID which gives the plant the ability to grow.

Exp No I - VOID is a collection that embraces the presence of negative space. It explores the boundaries between form and non-form as well as materiality and nothingness. A universe of imaginary spaces.

I developed various laser cut techniques based on the concept of negative space. Some cut outs leave space for a second layer or another fabric, others form some kind of modern lace."

Words: Courtesy of Yvonne Laufer

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