domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012

Yvonne Kwok!

Graduation Collection by Yvonne Kwok


We Dance Like Little Mary’s Swaying To The Symphony Of Destruction.

In Roman times men believed in a genius (from Latin 'producer'). The genius was seen as a personal guardian angel that spoke to the man. People believed that creativity was not seen as a talent of an artist but as a gift from a deity. In the Renaissance the individual human being became the center. The genius disappeared and the man himself was seen as a genius. The responsibility was from that moment in our own hands.

My concept is about the battle with the mental disorder caused by the restrictions within the fashion system where pressure plays a major role. With reference to the marionette "a person who is in the service of someone else”, I want to make a mockery of this subject. 

Mihkail Bakhtin describes carnival as an event in which the logic, the laws and standards of the regulated life are suspended. Everything the social hierarchy, and any kind of equality between people is lifted with carnival. The grotesque body also plays a role. It is related to the caricature which body parts are enlarged and removed from the classical ideal of beauty.

The translation to my collection is a bombastic use of color. Warm tones combined with bright accents and pastels are inspired by the colors of organs. The strained strings stands for the restriction and the folding reflects the humor where some parts of the body are being blown up. Also the playing with the different placements of the limbs from the marionette doll are sometimes being taken out of context. The use of neoprene gives a fleshy effect and refers to how artist Folkert de Jong calls it: "gebakken lucht", which is a Dutch saying and means “nonsense”. The use of cardboard and brads are inspired by the paper doll, which gives the collection a crafted feeling. The search for quick ways to optimize decorating is my reaction to the system because self-reflection is jeopardized by the lack of time, which for me is ultimately the essence of fashion.

Words: Courtesy of Yvonne Kwok
Photos: Peter Stigter (catwalk), Denise Boomkens (fashionshoot)