lunes, 30 de diciembre de 2013

3D-Printed Pump

Pavla Podsednikova's idea was to become a reality, the Instant Shoe would do away with all of this sizing nonsense. Consider the number of times that you've been caught between models of high heels or loafers, either because they fail to match the length, the width or the general shape of your feet. This concept solves the problem.

What this designer proposed in her thesis is the possibility that consumers could have the exact forms of their tootsies mapped out by footwear manufacturers and have custom sizes made just for them. With this might come the freedom to tweak styles as well, offering men and women completely unique pieces.

Inspired by the technologies of ABS vacuum shaping, 3D printing and carbon fiber lamination, the Instant Shoe is an exciting proposal that would revolutionize the fashion industry.